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Now it occurs to me that in order to see the entity/idea/yawning chasm that is/might be Writer’s Block, one must first understand it. I have my own ideas of course. I see Writer’s Block as a myth (Hence the Breaking of the Myth). I see it as the brain either saying its too tired to write, or that at the current moment there is just no inspiration. At that particular time the writer has nothing to say.

Unfortunately, in the few budding writers I have met, Writer’s Block seems to be a massive issue for them. It even seems enough to put them off writing as a craft, hobby and career altogether.

What other ideas are out there? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I feel it best to get the whole Writer’s Block section out of the way now, so we can concentrate on more positive aspects of writing later.


I created this Blog as a place for Screenwriters of all ranges to commune and share, inspire and encourage, and to meet other creative writer types in one place. Hopefully this small blog can provide us with a little corner of the web to meet, as it seems much harder to meet other writers in the outside world. Anyway, hopefully you’ll get some use out of it. Enjoy.